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I'm a multimedia journalist & radio producer

born and raised in Birmingham, AL. I've produced radio, print, video and photography stories addressing identity and religion from Gaza City to Yangon, Myanmar.  

My stories have been distributed by national outlets including PRI The World, and the New York Times online.  My work focuses on religion, the Middle East and women's health and safety. I'm currently working as a Story Producer at WNYC's Snap Judgment in Oakland, CA. 


Shaina studied International Affairs and Fine Art at George Washington University and has an MA in Islamic and Middle East Studies from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She earned a masters degree from UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism as a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellow in Arabic and the Middle East. She is skilled in video, animation and photo editing software including Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects and Photoshop. She has reported from India, Myanmar, Hungary, the American Deep South, Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Shaina has had over five years of experience working on social justice and diversity programming for high school youth and served as a trained facilitator for the Berkeley School of Journalism Equity and Inclusion Committee. In a past life, she had a small catering business. She recently helped start a cooking school in Jerusalem. Her favorite activity is putting food in jars.  


some work I'm especially proud of: